1 Day Facial Skincare Course *NEWCASTLE*

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  • 149 British pounds


LOCATION: Fresh Beauty Academy - Newcastle - NE12 9SA PRE-REQUISITES: This course is suitable for beginners. No previous knowledge or experience is required. ACCREDITATION: This course is accredited by the Centre of CPD Excellence. It is suitable for arranging professional insurance although you should check specific requirements as each insurance policy may vary. COURSE OVERVIEW: Your course will cover... - Health & Safety Legislation - Hygiene Standards - Contra-Indications & Contra-Actions - Client Consultation - Insurance - Anatomy & Physiology - Skin type & Analysis - Basic & Luxury Facial Routines - Aftercare & Retail - Troubleshooting After booking you will receive a confirmation email with details for how to gain access to our website's Student Zone which contains your training manuals, pre- course study and specific details of your practical learning session. There is a quiz to check your understanding of the pre-course theory, but there are no time limits and you can attempt these questions as many times as needed For your practical training you will attend our academy 10am-2:30pm. You will need to arrange for your model to arrive at 12:30pm. The session will begin by recapping your theory work and answering any questions you may have. You will next move on to the practical learning, starting with a demo from your educator. After lunch your model will arrive, and with the support of your tutor you will carry out a full luxury facial skincare treatment. Your tutor will assess your work as you go. We appreciate that there are a lot of steps to remember, and for most students they will not leave able to carry out a full facial without notes, however with practice the routine will become second nature and will flow naturally. We will sign off students who show that they are able to work safely unsupervised, who understand the principles discussed during training, and who show they have the potential for good work with further practice. This allows our graduates to arrange insurance and begin working on clients, but we strongly recommend that you make use of our support system by keeping in touch and requesting feedback to develop your skills and achieve good results. You will successfully complete this course by demonstrating that you have reached the required standard for the award of this course certificate by your educator.