This kit includes:


Gellifique® Professional Bonder

Gellifique® Professional Rubber Base Coat

Gellifique® Professional Microcrystal Top Coat

Gellifique® Professional Hard Builder Gel (pot)

Gellifique® Professional Apex Builder Gel (bottle)

Gellifique® Professional Gel Brush

Gellifique® Professional Nail Cleanser & Acetone Pack

Nail Glue

Nail Tips

Tip Cutters

File and Buffer set


As it is a pre-requisite to already hold a manicure certificate for entry to this course, we have not included manicure tools within this builder gel enhancements kit to save you the cost of purchasing items you already have.


If you are attending the academy you are welcome to use our in-house manicure tools in  order to complete your training, or you are welcome to bring your own if you have some that you prefer to work with. 


If you are completing this course online, or if you are attending the academy but do not have these tools at home and would like to purchase a set to take away with you, we can supply them at an extra charge of £20. Just drop us a message and we will arrange this for you.  This would include the following:


Nail Clippers | Cuticle Pusher | Cuticle Nippers | Orangewood stick | Nail File | Dusting Brush | Nail Art Brush | Nail Art Palette | Removal Foils | Lint Free Wipes | Cuticle Oil


** Please note ** you will also need a LED Nail Lamp to cure the gel products. This is not included in your kit.  A lamp will be made available for you to use if attending the academy, but for online courses please ensure you have a lamp available.  The lamp must be in good working condition with a minimum of 48w power. Ideally, a lamp with a low power / 99 second mode would be ideal.

Builder Gel Enhancements - Student Kit